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Our Technology

Reports and dashboards 
  • Take advantage of detailed information and real time insights
  • Understand and report the impact of your governance program
  • Track progress and make improvements

Building a unified process to protect and govern enterprise data is more important today as data grows exponentially across thousands of devices. A flexible and business centric information governance model is needed to manage the more distributed, dynamic, and diverse data in enterprises today.

Our solutions  give you better control over your compliance efforts. We can bring all data stakeholders (business users, IT, compliance, security etc.) together and enable you to track information governance efforts across the organization. 

Our solutions make information governance easy, scalable and effective. We have built into our solutions best practices and templates from decades of experience across various industries. We use machine learning to map a company’s sensitive data to meet various regulatory obligations, and automate actions such as deletion. We can develop rich and intuitive dashboards that will allow you to track your governance program.

Data Map

Our Data maps provide an accurate and actionable snapshot of a company’s data footprint and high-risk areas.

Data Life Cycle Management

We help to make retention policies actionable and dynamic with content categorization using machine learning technology.

Managing Subject Access Request

We enable companies track data subject access requests by identifying data through our data maps. Our workflows ensure privacy compliance and automate deletion of data.


You realize you need to set up an governance program. But you are not sure how to get started and how to sustain such a massive effort accross the organization.

You have an governance program in place, but are not realizing the ROI you hoped to achieve. You feel your governance efforts are siloed and not as effective.

You want your existing IG programs to become more business centric and service oriented

Governance programs are most effective when the program is owned by the company.


Our products can be used out of the box to stand up your program with limited resources and budget. It enables you to quickly set-up a governance program that is customized to your needs.

Our products can be used to make your existing governance programs sustainable and more effective.  


With our products, you can

  • Integrate multiple stand-alone governance projects into a larger company wide governance effort

  • Track your individual programs and improve their effectiveness.

  • Identify commonalities in existing programs and integrate them into a more simplified and sustainable overarching program.

  • Expand the reach of your governance efforts and scale up across your company with a smaller resource footprint.

We offer ready to use templates with key elements for common IG program objectives. You can use these templates to change the focus of your existing IG efforts. The templates include metrics for

  • Reducing data risk in your cybersecurity strategy

  • Tracking your data footprint, improving your understanding of your data

  • More effectively using your data to deliver on business goals