Simplify for Success - Conversation with Alexandra Ebert

Alexandra Ebert was on Simplify for Success, a podcast series presented by Meru Data and hosted by Priya Keshav.

Alexandra is an ethical AI, synthetic data & privacy expert, serving as the Chief Trust Officer at Mostly AI. She spoke about the use of synthetic data and the benefits it offers.

Alexandra also discussed the different approaches to creating synthetic data and ways to eliminate biases.

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*Views and opinions expressed by guests do not necessarily reflect the view of Meru Data.*


Priya Keshav:

Hello everyone, welcome to our podcast around simplifying for success. Simplification requires discipline and clarity of thought. This is not often easy in today's rapid-paced work environment. We've invited a few colleagues in data and information governance space to share their strategies and approaches for simplification.

Today, we've invited Alexandra Ebert to talk about synthetic data and how we can enable data privacy using synthetic data. Alexandra Ebert is an ethical AI, synthetic data and privacy expert and serves as a Chief Trust Officer at Mostly AI.

She regularly speaks at international conferences on AI, privacy and digital banking, and hosts the Data Democratization podcast. As a member of the company's senior leadership team, she is engaged in public policy issues in the emerging field of synthetic data and ethical AI and responsible for engaging with privacy community with regulators, the media and with customers.

Before joining the company, she researched GDPR’s impact on the deployment of artificial intelligence in Europe and its economic, societal and technological consequences. Besides being an advocate for privacy protection, Alexandra is deeply passionate about ethical AI and ensuring the fair and responsible use of machine learning algorithms. She is the Co-author of ICLR paper and a popular blog series on fairness in AI and Fair Synthetic Data which was featured in Forbes. IEEE spectrum.

Apart from her work at Mostly AI, she serves as a chair of IEEE Synthetic Data IC expert group and was pleased to be invited to join the Group of AI experts for Human Eyes Initiative, which aims to make AI more inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Hi, Alexandra. Welcome to the show.