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Top News: Tech firms form Metaverse Standards Forum, POTUS signs cybersecurity bills

Italian DPA rules against Google Analytics data transfer

The Italian DPA has ruled against the transfer of data to the US using Google Analytics after similar decisions from the Austrian and French DPA. It ruled that the transfer of Google Analytics data collected through cookies by website operators violates the GDPR. Read More

Tech firms form Metaverse Standards Forum

Tech giants including Meta and Microsoft and groups like the World Wide Web Consortium have joined to create the Metaverse Standards Forum. The forum aims to foster the development of industry standards to promote compatibility among their digital worlds. Read More

Instagram tests new ways for age verification

Instagram is testing new methods to verify users’ age, starting with people in the US. Verification methods will include uploading IDs and selfies to confirm the age. Read More

POTUS signs cyber bills into law

The US President passed two bipartisan bills aimed at enhancing federal, state and local governments’ cybersecurity measures. The bills have been dubbed the Federal Rotational Cyber Workforce Program Act and the State and Local Government Cybersecurity Act. Read More

Microsoft launches Privacy Auditing feature

Microsoft launched a new Windows 11 feature called Privacy Auditing to show the history of all apps’ access to sensitive devices and data like microphones and location history. Users can see the activity of applications that gained access to sensitive devices and data in the last week, along with the date and time the application last accessed your device. Read More


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