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Top News: Amazon faces SEC probe, Danske Bank fined by Danish DPA, and more

Amazon faces SEC probe is facing a probe from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over its employees’ use of third-party sellers' data to boost its own private-label business. The company has been asked to furnish emails and communications from several senior Amazon executives. Read More

Mailchimp faces data breach

Email marketing service provider Mailchimp suffered a data breach that led to the compromise of one of the company’s internal tools. The threat actor deployed a social engineering campaign on Mailchimp employees and gained unauthorized access to customer accounts and stage phishing attacks. Read More

Danske Bank fined by Danish DPA

The Danish data protection agency has imposed a fine of DKK 10 million kroner on Danske Bank for not documenting personal data storage and deletion in accordance with the GDPR’s data protection rules. Read More

Google removes apps with data-harvesting software

Google removed several apps from its Play Store after researchers found data-harvesting software hidden in them. The company behind the software, Measurement Systems, has ties with U.S. security agencies. Read More

Iberdrola hit by cyber-attack

Electric utility company Iberdrola was hit by a cyber-attack, resulting in the compromise of data of more than 1 million customers. The breach exposed customer ID numbers, home and e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of customers. Read More

Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection calls for revision of cookie banners

The Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (HmbBfDI) has called on Google regarding the consent banners on the Google search engine and YouTube. The HmbBfDI stated that the consent banners provide users with the “I agree” button for consenting to all processing of personal data but users not wishing to give consent have to refuse the settings for each data processing individually. Read More


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