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Top news: Anonymous targets Russian websites, Data leak at Credit Suisse, and more

Data leak at Credit Suisse invites scrutiny

A massive leak from Credit Suisse has exposed the details of accounts linked to 30,000 clients, including human rights abusers, corrupt politicians, and businessmen under sanctions. The banking data was leaked by an anonymous whistleblower and points towards widespread failures of due diligence by Credit Suisse. Read More

ACM levies another $5m against Apple

The Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has increased the fine imposed on Apple by another €5m over its failure to provide alternative payment systems for dating apps. This brings the total penalty to €25m, and the company may see the imposition of another order subject to periodic penalty payments on failing to comply with the regulation. Read More

Anonymous group targets Russian websites

The Anonymous hacker collective has launched a 'cyber war' against Russia amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The group targeted several Russian government websites along with the website for the state-controlled television network, RT. Read More

Google launches app for privacy compliance

Google launched a new mobile application product called Checks to identify potential privacy and compliance issues within new apps. The app uses AI technology to help app developers keep up with regulatory and policy changes. Read More

Dutch DPA fines DPG Media

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) issued a fine of €525,000 on DPG Media for requesting too much information from people exercising their rights to access or delete data being held by the company. The media company asked people to upload an identity document that was unnecessary in this situation. Read More


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