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Top News: Canada’s Privacy Act extension, Rogers network outage, and more

Canada's Privacy Act extends rights for foreign nationals

As part of a new order under Canada’s Privacy Act, foreign nationals outside Canada can now access their personal information being held by federal government institutions. Non-Canadians outside the country will also be able to request corrections where it is believed there is an error or omission. Read More

Ring shares transparency report for doorbell footage provided to authorities

Amazon-owned Ring’s transparency report reveals it provided a record amount of doorbell footage and other information to U.S. authorities last year. It saw a 65% increase in legal demands for doorbell footage, with more than 85% through court-issued search warrants. Read More

Rogers network outage affects millions

Canadian service provider Rogers Communication suffered a 19-hour network outage last week, which shut down banking, transport, and government access for millions. The outage affected internet access, cell phone, and landline phone connections, and some users could not reach emergency services. Read More

Garante warns TikTok over personalized ads

Italian data protection authority, the Garante, sent a warning to TikTok over its usage of personal data for profiling and targeted advertising. It was found that the company’s intentions to serve ads to users based on legitimate interest instead of informed consent violated the EU ePrivacy Directive. Read More

Robinhood settles class action lawsuit

Robinhood Financial has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit in relation to the 2020 data breach that exposed the sensitive personal and financial information of thousands of customers. The company has agreed to settle for approximately $20 million, and customers can get up to $260 cash plus two years of credit monitoring and identity theft protection. Read More


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