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Top News – Google announces new cookie evaluation tool; More 23andMe data leaked and more

Tennessee enacts state privacy law, FTC penalizes Ed Tech company, Biden administration prioritizes children's online privacy, and healthcare data breach reported.

Framework safeguarding children online released by Google

With the intention of sharing insights from their experience, Google has drafted a framework to help governments and regulators implement better laws that protect children online. The framework is categorized into four sections, focusing on respecting the developmental stages of children, the importance of age-appropriate controls and features, reducing content risks, and the importance of accountability. Read more

New 23andMe user information leaked

Following the recent data theft incident of 23andMe user information, a hacker known as Golem has leaked the new personal information of around 4 million users on the cybercrime forum BreachForums. 23andMe spokesperson Andy Kill stated that they were made aware of the attack and are "reviewing the data to determine if it is legitimate." 23andMe stated that the hacker used a technique known as credential stuffing to obtain the data. Read more

Amazon faces unlawful processing complaint in the Netherlands

The Netherlands Data Protection Foundation (SDBN) has filed a complaint against Amazon at Rotterdam Court for breaching fundamental rights, specifically privacy rights, of Dutch users, approximately over 5 million. The SDBN finds that Amazon's activity of collecting large amounts of personal data without consent or a legitimate basis violates the GDPR. Further, the data transfer to the U.S. occurs without appropriate safeguards. It also finds that Amazon fails to maintain the security of the data that it handles. Read more

Google announces cookie evaluation tool

Google is planning to release a tool to help companies evaluate how they use third-party cookies. This tool will "provide debugging pathways for cookies and Privacy Sandbox features," according to Google Staff Developer Relations Engineer Rowan Merewood. These new tools are being introduced with the intention of reminding the Ad Tech environment of Google's plan to disable third-party cookies in the coming year. Read more

Snapchat's A.I. bot Fails to address children's privacy risks

The UK ICO's investigation into Snapchat's A.I. bot found that the technology does not appropriately address children's privacy concerns. The chatbot is known for providing advice to users on everyday situations like fashion gifts, food suggestions, etc. However, it was found that the chatbot allegedly also provided advice on mature topics of a sexual nature, alcohol, etc., to minors. The findings of the investigation do not include enforcement action currently; however, it could lead to an operations ban in the U.K. should the raised issues go unaddressed. Read more


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