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Top News: Sobey’s suffers data breach, UK finalises data decision with South Korea, and more

UK finalises data decision with South Korea

The UK has finalized its first independent adequacy decision with the Republic of Korea. The decision will allow organisations to transfer personal data securely to the Republic of Korea without restrictions by the end of the year following legislation. Read More

Meta sued over collection of personal data for targeted ads

Meta has been sued by an activist at the London High Court challenging Facebook’s “surveillance advertising.” The suit alleges that Facebook continues to harvest personal data for ad targeting, and insists that the company should stop this practice. Read More

AGs urge FTC to push for data minimization

A group of state attorneys general have urged the FTC to consider requiring companies to limit the data they collect from consumers. The groups says that data minimization rules are needed as the current notice-and-choice approach is “largely failing consumers.” Read More

Sobey’s suffers data breach

Canadian supermarket chain Sobey’s confirmed a data breach and sent a declaration of “confidentiality incident” to the Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec. Confidentiality incidents occur when there is unauthorized access, use or loss of personal information or any other breach of the protection of this information. Read More

EU confirms multiple investigations against TikTok

The EU has confirmed that there are multiple ongoing investigations into TikTok's data practices and the way it serves ads to minors. They include an investigation by the Irish Data Protection Commission regarding TikTok’s compliance with several GDPR requirements and a litigation before the Dutch courts concerning targeted advertising regarding minors and data transfers to China. Read More


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