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Top News – Tesla employees share customer ,pictures; Vimeo faces privacy lawsuit and more

Readers can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to cookie paywalls

Austrian Data Protection Authority DSB ruled against Austrian newspapers that used cookie paywalls, requiring readers to either consent to their data being processed, shared and tracked or pay a subscription fee. Digital privacy rights group NYOB filed a complaint against seven Austrian and German newspapers that employed such practices on their news websites. The decisions by the German authorities are still pending. Read more

Vimeo faces $2.25 million privacy lawsuit

Claims were made against Magisto, Vimoe’s AI-based video creation and editing platform for collecting and storing the biometric data of users. This data was obtained when users uploaded pictures and videos to the Magisto mobile application. This process was found to violate Illinois’ Biometrics Information Privacy Act (BIPA). The company allegedly used AI to analyze and detect faces from uploaded videos. Read more

Tesla employees shared invasive pictures and videos of customers

Tesla faces a class action lawsuit as a Tesla owner accused the company’s employees of sharing pictures and videos of customers taken by the car camera amongst themselves, thereby violating the privacy of customers. According to the claimant, employees accessed this content for their ‘tasteless and tortious entertainment’. Read more

New Zealand faces the biggest privacy theft to date

Financial lender Latitude Financial was hit with a data breach that compromised the personal information of nearly 20% of New Zealand’s citizens; in other words, one in five in the population has had their data compromised. Personal information that was stolen included driver’s license numbers. Read more

Nearly 600K customers records suffered a data leak found on the Chinese platform Z2U

A database of sensitive records from an online international exchange marketplace suffered a large data leak. Among the exposed data are IBAN numbers, user account logins, emails, passwords, etc. The data was then uploaded to the Chinese website Z2U. Read more


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