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  • We are committed to being a company with the highest integrity

  • Our team is motivated to deliver results by being accountable to peers as much as to leadership

  • We believe in having a simple team structure that reinforces responsibility, accountability and enables a network of support that can propel us to superior performance

  • We want to have fun making the best products and solutions for our customers.

  • We want to simplify information governance. Our goal is to help companies to realize the full value of their data 
  • We envision a secure and easy to use platform where a broad group of stakeholders from Business Operations, Compliance, Security, IT, Audit and Risk Management can come together to better manage their data
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Why Meru
Meru Data is focused on building solutions to simplify and sustain information governance programs for customers worldwide. In today's data driven economy, companies need to have an end to end understanding of how data is created, shared, transformed, consumed and eventually destroyed in the organization.
Our mission is to enable companies to manage their data and help them turn their data into an Asset. We make it possible for our clients to derive maximum value from their data and processes. We do this by embedding privacy, security and governance into their core business process. Lack of visibility over data leads to security breaches, hinders data driven decision making.  Our approach unifies entire organizations around the critical need to employ appropriate standards of Information Governance. We believe embedding data privacy and security into the core business process helps in establishing a unique competitive advantage in the market place.
Our professionals have extensive experience in implementing information governance programs across a wide variety of industries and customers. We bring these experiences to offer a simplified solutions for data mapping, retention, disposition and compliance with regulations like GDPR.

Women's Business Economic National Council

Meru Data is a certified member of the Women’s Business Economic National Council (WBENC), one of the largest organizations in the US and abroad dedicated to certification of women business enterprises.