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We understand the complexity around implementing Privacy projects in-house. This not only requires deep subject knowledge around privacy but also planning, decision making, simplifying the process when executing, and ultimately uniting goals to achieve a sustainable end result.

Our team of privacy strategists is known for providing solutions and counsel that help businesses realize the value in their data and their processes while embedding privacy into core business functions. Privacy today is mostly manual, with many disconnected processes cobbled together. Our solutions make navigating the demanding regulatory environment easy while ensuring efficiency and simplification of processes.

Our strategies and guidance combine the knowledge and insights of the dynamic privacy landscape with your business vision and goals to bring you solutions that achieve business requirements while ensuring sustainability for the future.  

Privacy in Ad Technology

The Ad Tech industry is an exceedingly dynamic landscape. Certain mechanisms that once pioneered the digital advertising space are now considered invasive and disrespectful to individual privacy. 

 Meru Data supports our clients with a range of services around Ad Tech, including drafting meaningful and accurate disclosures of Ad Tech practices and understanding how, and under what circumstances, to offer choices as well as how to respond to any such choices, including those communicated via global privacy controls and do-not-track signals, cookie audits, consent configurations, privacy, and data risk assessments, etc. 

Operationalising Data Privacy

Data Privacy done right is a priceless asset for businesses. With the services of our team of privacy experts, the value obtained from data is maximized, data lifecycle management processes are made efficient, privacy programs are created and tailored to fit your business needs, privacy education is done at all levels to ensure the necessity and the benefits of privacy are realized.

Our clients lean on our reputed team of privacy professionals as we help operationalize data privacy at every level with approaches that are strategic, intelligence-driven, and outcome-oriented.

Information Governance

Effective Information Governance (IG) is the cornerstone for any business that collects and deals with large volumes of data. Our expertise will bring clarity, simplification, and ease to your information governance. We help you leverage your data and identify opportunities and areas to improve overall efficiency.

Our team of privacy experts helps you understand your data, manage it throughout its lifecycle and ultimately build an efficient and sustainable data governance program that solves short-term issues while maintaining focus on the long-term goals.

Audits and Assessments

Privacy programs exist in a dynamic landscape. Regulations are ever-evolving; new technology is consistently being introduced, and business requirements keep growing.

Given the dynamic landscape, privacy processes need to be periodically assessed and improved. Audits provide a way to understand the current state, highlight gaps and build a roadmap for better compliance. Audits also affirm an organization’s compliance with regulatory requirements like GDPR, CCPA, etc.

AI Governance

As companies start to employ Artificial Intelligence systems, two factors need to be considered; the processing of different kinds of information, including PI and the different AI regulations that companies will need to comply with. It is integral for any organization involved with AI in any business process to assess and quantify the risks involved around its usage. AI Governance is necessary to mitigate risks around unfair and discriminatory data, and to obtain the maximum usage from the AI systems while complying with regulatory requirements. 

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