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From Data privacy to ad tech, we understand the importance of expertise and subject knowledge when it comes to planning, decision making, executing, and uniting goals with successful end results.

Meru’s team of privacy strategists is known for providing apt solutions and counsel that span data governance, plan implementation of programs, compliance with regulations, lifecycle management and ensure that you make decisions that lie in your best interests. Our solutions provide navigation through the demanding regulatory environment while ensuring efficiency and simplification of processes.

Ad Tech 

The Ad Tech industry is undergoing a major shift with the end of third-party cookies, new regulations around targeted advertising and the need for more transparency. This requires businesses to be in a position where they are more conscious about the data they collect and how it is used while also being able to derive maximum results from the data they have.


Meru Data’s suite of services can help you transition to a business model that promotes privacy and delivers efficient outcomes. Read more to learn how you can make a smooth journey towards better privacy and compliance.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy is an important component of any successful business today. Privacy at its best is stitched into the fabric of businesses, or Privacy by design in other words. This proactive approach that increases customer trust and ensures compliance, among many other benefits, can appear to be a daunting task.

Our clients lean on our reputed team of privacy professionals as we help introduce and/or increase data privacy at every level in approaches that are strategic, intelligence-driven and outcome-oriented.

Information Governance

Effective Information Governance (IG) is the cornerstone for any business that collects and deals with large volumes of data. A sustainable IG program will not only improve privacy and compliance but also help you derive more value from data.


Meru’s services are designed to eliminate silos and bring that golden handshake between the different business units. Our flexible business-centric governance model helps you gain consumer trust, improve data management, and bring a sharper focus on business goals.

Data Governanace

In a data-driven world, good data governance reaps more than was sowed, the effect of which is long-lasting.


Meru’s governance solutions not only ensure that you treat your data the right way, but that the data in turn becomes an asset to your operations.


Our team of privacy experts helps you understand your data, manage it throughout its lifecycle and ultimately build an efficient and sustainable data governance program that solves short-term issues while maintaining focus on the long-term goals.

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