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Privacy in Ad Technology

While the Ad Tech space is being restructured with new regulations and technologies, businesses need to be able to adapt to the changing landscape to avoid facing two potential and threatening outcomes; the heat from regulatory bodies and loss of business to more adept, innovative, and privacy-forward competition.

Practices like enabling GPC and avoiding dark patterns are just the tip of the iceberg; privacy in Ad Tech demands sustainable changes. Meru Data brings together the right combination of expertise and solutions to make these changes possible so that you see improved results and better compliance.

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Our services cover Ad Tech operations in its entirety.  They enable you to configure cookie consent mechanisms, manage GPC and universal opt-out, and monitor the sale/sharing of personal information to third parties for advertising purposes.

Configure your cookie settings:  

  • Customize your consent settings and cookie banner according to the regulatory requirements.

  • Configure the mechanism for consumers to exercise their rights and set their preferences.

Avoid Regulatory violations:

  • Design your consent choices, layout, and format to avoid dark patterns.

  • Refrain from unauthorized data access practices by ensuring only selected data is collected.

  • Champion transparency and clarity by providing users with detailed information about your Ad Tech practices. 

Manage GPC and universal opt-out rights:

  • Block all cookies except necessary ones.

  • Save time by automating the GPC and DNT mechanisms.

Monitor and manage sale/sharing: 

  • Gain complete control over data collected, processed, and shared across borders with a robust DataMap.

  • Ensure your third-party contracts and agreements take privacy into consideration.

Data Minimization: 

  • Only collect data that is necessary and beneficial to your business activities.

  • Save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on managing excessive amounts of unnecessary data.

Building and Strengthening Children's privacy practices: 

  • Building Children’s data protection practices into the Privacy by design processes.

  • Advise on Youth Marketing.

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Meru Data offers the right expertise, technology and vision for better privacy and information governance in the Ad Tech industry. Our services have been designed after careful analysis of existing and upcoming challenges in Ad Tech to help you tackle all the critical privacy issues.


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