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The Ad Tech space is seeing the introduction of new mechanisms and techniques for better results and user privacy. This has also brought in quite a few challenges for publishers, advertisers, and marketers alike.


The Ad Tech industry needs to balance the business as well as consumer demands with the optimal mix of technology and procedures. Meru Data brings together the right solutions to advance your journey towards improved results and better compliance.

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Our services can help manage data throughout its entire lifecycle, process data subject requests, and improve the overall privacy program. Meru acts as the one-stop platform where you can test consent mechanisms, process opt-out requests, and analyze the flow of data across various systems.

Gain deeper insights into your data:  

  • Use this information to develop a framework aligned with your company’s strategy  

  • Be prepared to make the transition from third-party cookies  

Improve your privacy programs:

  • Develop a sustainable privacy program that is aligned with your organizational goals   

Assess and manage user consent 

  • Ensure the collection of data that is strictly necessary for the purpose

  • Ensure transparency in terms of what you collect

Manage cookies

  • Better compliance while collecting and processing user data

Monitor data sharing and cross-border data transfers 

  • Comply with local and international regulations including data residency requirements

Better positioned to respond to data subject requests 

  • Swift processing of opt-out requests including global privacy control (GPC) and other DSRs

  • Save time and resources with automated implementation 

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Meru Data offers the right expertise, technology and vision for better privacy and information governance in the Ad Tech industry. Our services have been designed after careful analysis of existing and upcoming challenges in Ad Tech to help you tackle all the critical privacy issues.


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