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Information Governance

Today's data-driven world presents countless opportunities to leverage data. Predicting the market trends on time and using them in decision-making scale businesses significantly. However, the ever-evolving legislation and sheer volumes of data make it difficult to harness data, requiring expert solutions and information governance programs.  
Meru Data understands the complexities around data governance, considers legal requirements, and analyses market conditions. We work to unlock the true potential of your information and provide a comprehensive understanding of your business' data landscape. 

Our Approach

We offer a comprehensive solution, the Data Governance Tool combined with our privacy-driven solutions, expertise, and guidance. Our tool ensures that your company's data is properly collected, stored, managed, and destroyed. Whether it's implementing frameworks for data governance, scaling your existing privacy programs, or addressing the gaps in your company's practices for data management, our team of experienced privacy professionals provides Privacy and data-driven solutions, helping you make the right business decisions.

Our Services

  • Tailored Information Governance Solutions.

  • Data lifecycle management assessments, consultation, and solutions.

  • Insights into evolving legal requirements and privacy regulations.

  • Privacy-compliant Data Classification and Retention Schedules.

  • Managing Risk Registers and strengthening Access Controls.

Meru realizes the significance of data and helps you optimize the usage of your business data. Our information governance practices are inclined towards maximizing efficiency, Privacy, and value. We help you gain the most out of your data with simplified tools and the latest technology. Contact us now and embark on your data transformation journey!

Working At Home

Meru’s platform promotes cross-functional collaboration to enable more control over compliance efforts and better decision-making.


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