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Information Governance

Meru Data brings value in data to help you unlock the power of information. We provide a host of services that will strengthen your governance and security posture. Get a comprehensive footprint of all your data and data-related processes to develop efficient retention and disposition programs. Reduce costs in eDiscovery, storage, and licensing while demonstrating better compliance with regulatory requirements like the GDPR and CPRA. 

We believe in simplifying solutions. And we achieved this by combining process simplification with technology automation. Meru Data’s business-centric information governance model is suitable for expanding organizations with exploding amounts of data. Our tech-enabled managed service model is guaranteed to improve compliance, help reduce costs and allow you to focus more on strategy.

Working At Home

Meru’s platform promotes cross-functional collaboration to enable more control over compliance efforts and better decision-making.

Data is the key component for sustaining in today’s dynamic business environment. We understand this and we can help you bring a transformative change in how your data is used within the organization. Get the most out of your data with effective data management practices that increase security and efficiency. 


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