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How to Manage Change in Privacy and IG?

The world of Privacy and Information Governance (IG) is very dynamic in nature. This change is driven by the introduction of new regulations, modifications to existing laws, user behavior, technological advancement, etc. And to retain business in a volatile environment, organizations must be ready to evolve and embrace any upcoming changes.

While change is inevitable in Privacy and IG, the change initiative is often met with resistance in an organizational setting. A successful IG program requires flexibility, agility, and a mindset to adapt. The right approach towards change will sustain the program, managing change also requires discipline and right toolsets. However, this aspect of project implementation is usually overlooked and left to the individuals to deal with.

As change management focuses more on the people's side of change, communication plays a crucial role in securing buy-in.

Where to Start: Before introducing change, it is important to decide where to start, prepare a roadmap for the journey, and define the end goal. Your program must address the anticipated business needs and privacy requirements and should ultimately tie back to the company's values.

Introduce the Change: Effective communication can get the leaders in the organization to persuade others to join in the execution of the program. Start by explaining the current state of privacy/IG and draw a comparison with the "future state" to help people identify the areas that need work.

Secure Stakeholder Support: Identifying and engaging the right stakeholders and providing the appropriate support for the stakeholder groups will play a significant role in pushing the idea forward. When leading change within the organization, one has to consider how other stakeholders perceive the change. Based on their reaction, the idea should be interpreted in a manner that would get it across the table.

Build Engagement: Regular communication and transparency among the various groups build trust in the executive sponsor and, ultimately, the program. This has a direct impact on user adoption, ROI, and will eventually lead the organization to its IG and Privacy goals.

The concepts of Privacy and IG are not constant. Change is the only constant. And if we wish to sustain in this industry, then we need to open our eyes and minds and gear up for the changes coming our way.

Can your IG and Privacy program succeed without an effective change management plan?

Join the free webinar "Effective change management for successful IG and Privacy programs" on Jan 19, 2022, at 12:00 PM CST.

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Our panel will discuss the three main pillars of change management:

Leadership and Influence: How can you enable leaders in your organization to persuade others to join in the execution of IG programs. How can your existing organization structure be leveraged to influence change?

Negotiation and Persuasion: Be more transparent and engaging during the implementation process. This has a direct impact on user adoption, ROI and ultimately will lead the organization to its IG and Privacy goals. Communicating the "future state" will help people understand areas that will need to change the most.

Tools and techniques needed: Do you have the right tools to introduce change? How will you be able to motivate others and deal with resistance to change? What are some of the emotional elements of change that you need to consider so that your IG and Privacy future state is realized and sustained?


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