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Data Governance  

The opportunities that accompany data leveraged the correct way are innumerable. From decision-making to predicting future trends, to improving business operations, data is found to be the common denominator for fruitful business endeavours. Leveraging data efficiently, however, comes with many challenges. The sheer volume of data flowing through businesses combined with the multiple legal requirements calls for expert solutions and effective, scalable data governance programs.

MeruData takes into consideration, not only external conditions such as the markets and legal requirements, but also the vision and goals specific to your company.  

With our guidance and expertise, combined with our privacy forward products, the Data Governance Tool, and its data-mapping, which ensures the astute governance of data throughout its lifecycle, you are guaranteed that your data is skilfully collected, stored, maintained, managed, and destroyed, while obtaining value and gaining insights into the same.  
We ensure that you operate from a place of complete control over your data and its processes, this includes access, location, quality, accountability, and so forth. Our experts understand the importance of data-driven decision-making and provide solutions that enable it.

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Meru’s team of practiced privacy professionals deliver successful solutions to meet your data governance needs and enable you to make the right decisions for your business at the right time.

  • Counsel on implementation of data governance frameworks and their scaling 

  • Data Lifecycle management assessment, consults, and remedies 

  • Insights into various regulations and legal requirements to be followed 

  • Identifying gaps in existing programs and providing solutions for the same 

  • Providing successful data governance solutions through our products like

  1. Automated classification of data  ​

  2. Privacy compliant retention scheduling mapped into your systems 
    Access controls 

  3. Comprehensive risk registers for all systems

  • Solutions, guidance and strategies provided by Privacy experts ​

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