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Data Privacy 

Data privacy is now becoming a fundamental part of every business. While previously, privacy was simply a reactionary implementation, with new regulations coming into effect, consumers gaining awareness about their data and their rights, and the ever-growing value of data to businesses, the entire notion of privacy will have to be looked at through a new lens

Privacy by design is being seen as the way forward, with regulations like UK’s GDPR making ‘data protection by design and by default’ a legal requirement. This concept involves incorporating data privacy protection measures right into the business practices as the default.

MeruData’s approach is synonymous with Privacy by design. Our expert team of privacy professionals provides guidance to help you implement privacy at every level of your organization. With Meru’s data privacy approach, you can

  • Ensure compliance with the various regulations and their nuanced requirements  

  • Reduce risks of breaches, hacks, and such  

  • Obtain value and insights from data  

  • Increase consumer trust  

  • Utilize automation on various processes to increase efficiency  

  • Avoid hefty costs that accompany fines, settlements, and the aftermath of negligent privacy controls 

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Meru’s proactive approach to privacy is sought after as our experts help guide, assist, build, maintain, manage, and scale privacy programs suited to your business needs. 

  • Assessment of current data privacy programs, practices, and policies 

    Reduce risks of breaches, hacks, and such  

  • Counsel on designing, developing, and building data privacy programs keeping in mind legal requirements 

  • Guidance on embedding data privacy measures into business activities on various levels and enabling automation wherever necessary 

  • Providing solutions to keep with the changing landscape of the legal world and the privacy associated regulations, decisions, cases and outcomes 

  • Analysing and gainning additional value and insights from data  

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