The DataMap provides a comprehensive footprint of data and data related processes across the organization. It is a catalogue of what data is created, how it is classified, where it is stored and how it travels within and outside the organization. A fully functional and current DataMap helps to achieve the objectives of the organization Privacy Program including:


• Support world class privacy management

• Allow clear definition of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities around data and data usage

• Provide more transparency and visibility about data, controls and guidelines to all stakeholders

• Serve as a foundational element necessary to meet regulatory guidelines and track compliance metrics

• Enable innovation, continuous improvement and more effective decision making

What does the DataMap contain? The DataMap contains information about all systems within the organization and about how data flows from system to system.


















Classifying data The DataMap allows automatic classification of sensitive data. Up to three levels of classification are supported. Classification is a critical step in managing your data and enables easier location and retrieval of data.










Integrations to help creation and maintenance of the DataMap

We provide smart API connections many commonly used solutions that help maintain the DataMap

• Vendor Review

• Ticketing Systems like Jira, Service Now etc.

• Procurement – Contracts

• Service Now CMDB

• Mule Soft Integrations


• Office 365

• Box

Picture1 - Data Maps.png
Picture2 - Datamaps.png
Picture3 - Datamaps.png