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The Data Map is a one-stop solution for tracking all the data and data-related processes across the organization. It gives an extensive understanding of what data is created, how it is classified, where it is stored, and its transmission within and outside the organization.

The Data Map contains information about all systems within the organization and how data flows from one system to another.


The Meru DataMap integrates many sources of information in a meaningful and easy-to-use format. It brings clarity to the current state and covers all the aspects related to privacy, compliance and legal, IT, security, and records management. 


Our fully functional and current Data Map can: 

• Support world-class privacy management

• Allow clear definition of roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities around data and data usage

• Provide more transparency and visibility about data, controls, and guidelines to all stakeholders

• Serve as a foundational element necessary to meet regulatory guidelines and track compliance metrics

• Help track and manage risks around data and data flows, including third-party data

• Enable innovation, continuous improvement, and more effective decision-making

Auto Classification with Machine Learning

Meru integrates classification requirements from security, privacy, business, and retention to give you a comprehensive view for managing compliance.

We evaluate data to find patterns and then label, group, and automatically classify information according to predefined categories and standards.​


Auto classification allows retention and security policies to be actionable and dynamic.

Working on Laptop


Connects directly to data stores and helps in the creation and maintenance of the Data Map. 

Surface new and upgraded data sources/systems. 

Speeds up mapping and increases accuracy. 


Data Ownership and Collaboration

Gather and accumulate feedback across all data owners. 

Share goals and metrics with system and data owners. 

Built-in workflows to enable collaboration across owners and stewards.

cross Functional Collaboration

Bring Privacy, Security, Retention, and Business together 

Understand the current state across all teams


View the same data and goals 

See how each team is contributing to the same effort 


Align strategic, operational, and strategic metrics to the DataMap 

Well-defined metrics can empower the data owners to bring forward improvements 


Find interesting topics and news related to Privacy and Information Governance.

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