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Metrics and Cross-Functional Collaboration  

The complexities around privacy are continuously increasing. The absence of standardization with the number of jurisdictions ascending, as well as the nuances that accompany them, elevates the quality and level of compliance required. Stewarding data efficiently across silos and implementing effective metrics, then, come to the forefront of a sustainable privacy program. 

Post-CCPA, other jurisdictions have followed suit. The latest but undeniably not the last is the UCPA. While there are general similarities across the laws, there are also differences and nuances, adding to the intricacies of privacy compliance.  

Data is a critical component of all businesses and the departments within them, be it Privacy, IT, or Marketing to name a few. The different teams, while differing in functionality, need to be aligned and in tune with the long-term goals and visions of the company. Managing the large volume of data successfully, keeping in mind both compliance and derivation of value requires collaboration across the various silos.

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For cross-functional teams to be aligned and motivated, it’s important that they 

  • Understand the current state across all teams 

  • Be able to see the same data 

  • Be clear about what needs to be achieved 

  • See how each team is contributing to the same effort (in other words how the efforts are intertwined)

This type of transparency will allow teams to come together, understand each other and help them to engage effectively. 

Managing privacy programs in such a way that it is actively compliant with the regulations and their requirements, but also in a way that it supports and ensures collaboration across teams calls for the use of metrics and monitoring mechanisms.  

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Metrics –  Go from being Reactive to Proactive ​

Metrics are used to gain insight and understanding into the data and ensure that the various programs implemented are aligned with the goals of the organization. This is also useful to identify the areas that are lacking, in order to make improvements.  

Metrics ensure the companies stay informed and provide insight into the data collected. They help companies change their perspective around privacy from simply being compliant and playing ‘catch-up’, to building a sustainable, effective Privacy Program. In essence, they enable companies to be Proactive instead of Reactive 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are commonly used by companies to improve Privacy Programs by monitoring their effectiveness and trajectory as well as managing large volumes of data throughout their lifecycle.

It is important for Metrics to cover the following categories

  • Regulatory compliance  

  • IT systems, storage, and costs  

  • Key risks  

  • Securing sensitive and confidential information  

  • Productivity 

Metrics not only help with monitoring Privacy Programs but on a larger scale can foster a Privacy driven work culture as they serve as a tool of communication and understanding of privacy, its purpose, and its value to all teams and stakeholders 

Metrics are also used to communicate and justify to the management the progress that has occurred, the areas that need more attention, and what can be expected in the future.

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How Meru Helps  ​

The goal of using metrics is to track all the data collected by the organization and the various teams using the data throughout its lifecycle. This should be in such a way that the company maintains compliance, stays informed, and is constantly improving its privacy program in a sustainable manner, keeping the goals of the organization in mind.

Our DataMap helps combat this seemingly daunting process, enabling all the various teams to work together and to ensure that the privacy program is doing as expected. The DataMap integrates the sources of information and presents data in a comprehensible manner. It brings clarity to the program, enabling you to see how far you’ve come, where you are currently, and where improvements can be made. DataMap enables you to master your data and subsequently build a successful privacy program that empowers teams and individuals to be one step ahead and make improvements as and when required.


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