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Top News: Colorado passes privacy law, Fastly Causes Mass Internet Outage, and more

Colorado passes privacy law

The Colorado House passed the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) on June 7, 2021. The CPA is based on Virginia’s recent law and the Washington Privacy Act with some differences, particularly around exemptions and the rights granted to Colorado residents.

Fastly’s mass internet outage traced to customer-triggered bug

Several major websites, including Amazon, Reddit, Twitch, The New York Times, etc., suffered an internet outage on Tuesday. The issue was traced to a customer-triggered bug in the cloud computing services provider, Fastly. The company stated that the bug had been introduced via a software update that was rolled out in May and emerged due to a valid customer configuration change.

Cyber Criminals target members of US Congress

A ransomware attack affected at least 60 members of Congress from both parties, preventing them from accessing data for weeks. The attack targeted iConstituent, a tech vendor that provides constituent outreach services to several of House offices. The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer stated that there was 'no impact' on the overall House data, and it was working with the company to resolve the situation. Read the full story here.

JBS paid $11m in ransom to cyber criminals

JBS USA, a subsidiary of Brazilian firm JBS SA had to halt slaughtering at its US plants last week in response to a cyberattack that disrupted its North American and Australian operations. On Wednesday, the company’s CEO stated that they paid a ransom equivalent to $11m following the attack that threatened to disrupt food supply chains and further inflate already high food prices.

Apple’s “private relay” to be withheld in China

Apple has confirmed that its new Private Relay feature will not be available in China, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, and a few other countries due to regulatory reasons. The feature is designed to obscure a user’s web browsing from internet service providers and advertisers. Read more about it here.

Google fined by French competition watchdog

France’s competition watchdog imposed a $220m fine on Google for abusing its dominance in the online advertising industry. The company was found to be giving preference to its own services and discriminating against its competitors.

More trouble surfaced for Google as the company was sued by Ohio’s attorney general to have it declared a public utility and subject to government regulation. The step would forbid the company from giving preferential treatment to its own products. Read more about the lawsuit here.

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