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Happy New Year

As we start the new decade, we wanted to express our thanks to our clients and our partners. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and the excitement for our products and services.

We began our journey in 2017 with a mission to provide an end-to-end understanding of how data is created, shared, transformed, consumed, and eventually destroyed in companies. This is a complex problem to solve, especially as companies try to not just solve this but want to turn their data into an asset.

While it is exciting to develop innovative solutions to such complex problems, it is critical that our products are intuitive and easy to use. We have designed our products such that it customers enjoy using them despite the complex nature of the problems we try to solve. Your feedback has been essential to shaping it and you have inspired us to take on bigger and more complex challenges. You have held us accountable and pushed us to be better in every area of our business. Our focus on adding value to our customers paved the way for a tremendous 2019.

We are excited about our future. We are constantly thinking of ways to make our products and services better and to improve your experience with our products. Going above and beyond will continue to be our standard and our team begins and ends each day upholding our core values. We are excited to continue innovating in 2020 and beyond.

We look forward to an enduring relationship with you. Wishing you a very “Happy New Year” from all of us.

Meru Data Team


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