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Top News: Instagram Kids on hold, Hong Kong passes anti-doxxing privacy bill

Norwegian DPA fines company for illegal data transfer

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority imposed a fine of NOK 5 million on toll company Ferde alleging the company transferred personal data about Norwegian motorists to China. An audit by the authority found that Ferde breached obligations under the Privacy Ordinance and it did not have a valid basis for transferring personal data to China. Read More

Hong Kong adopts anti-doxxing privacy law

Hong Kong lawmakers passed a privacy bill that criminalizes the public release of information identifying an individual without consent "with an intent to cause specified harm or being reckless" about the harm caused. The anti-doxxing privacy bill empowers the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data to investigate and prosecute doxxing incidents in the region. Read More

Xiomi phone under investigation by German IT watchdog

A week after Lithuania's National Cyber Security Centre urged citizens to dispose of any Chinese-made mobile phone handsets, Germany's federal cybersecurity watchdog (BSI) is examining Xiaomi’s M10T model. As per the Lithuanian body, Xiaomi phones had a built-in ability to detect and censor certain terms and phrases in the phone's default apps. Read More

Instagram Kids on hold amid safety concerns

Instagram’s new app for minors has been put on hold following criticism by US lawmakers regarding the app’s safety features. A blog post released by the company stated that it would continue building on its parental supervision tools. Read More

California Hospital faces class-action suit over data breach

UC San Diego Health is facing a class-action lawsuit over a data breach that potentially exposed the information of 495,949 individuals. The suit alleges that the healthcare system suffered a phishing attack and data breach between Dec. 2020 and April 2021, exposing medical records, government identification numbers, and financial account information of patients, employees, and students. Read More


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