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Top News - Hospital Websites Leak User Data to Tech Giants; Key Highlights from the Draft American Privacy Rights Act and more

TikTok allegedly still sharing data with China; Uber receives €10 million fine and more

Key highlights from the draft American Privacy Rights Act

Last week, bipartisan U.S. lawmakers introduced the American Privacy Rights Act (APRA), enhancing consumer privacy legislation. Spearheaded by Chairs Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Maria Cantwell, the draft extends regulations to non-profits and introduces a private right of action. Notably, it mandates data minimization and explicit consent for sensitive data transfer. Moreover, the bill introduces heightened protections for teen data, opt-out rights, and AI governance requirements. Large data holders and high-impact social media companies face additional obligations, emphasizing executive responsibility and operational governance. Read more


Sama Red Team: Fortifying Data Privacy in Generative AI Models

Sama introduced Sama Red Team, a safety-focused solution aimed at addressing ethical concerns in generative AI. The team of over 4,000 experts evaluates AI models, exposing vulnerabilities and ensuring safety. Red teaming, a technique used to test AI security, is crucial for companies like Google and Microsoft. With AI safety gaining importance globally, Sama's initiative targets compliance, public safety, privacy, and fairness through real-world testing. The service offers engagement-based pricing and complements Sama's suite of AI solutions. Read more


Digital Afterlife: The Uncharted Territory of Data Privacy Beyond Death

A poignant debate arises as Facebook faces legal battles over disclosing private messages of a deceased teenager, sparking questions about Big Tech's role in managing posthumous data. Carl Öhman's book sheds light on the ethical dilemmas surrounding digital legacies, emphasizing the lack of established protocols for handling deceased users' data. With estimates projecting billions of dead profiles by the century's end, Öhman warns of tech giants owning vast archives of human behavior, raising concerns about privacy exploitation and historical documentation. As society grapples with evolving digital death practices, Öhman urges collective action to shape ethical frameworks for managing digital remains, presenting a profound challenge for the digital age. Read more


Hospital Websites Leak User Data to Tech Giants, Raising Data Privacy Concerns

Research reveals that 96% of hospital websites transmit user data to third parties, including Google and Meta, without adequate privacy policies. The prevalence of tracking technologies poses risks to both visitor privacy and hospital compliance with data protection regulations. With legal repercussions looming, hospitals face pressure to enhance data privacy measures and collaborate on innovative solutions. Individuals can protect themselves using browser-based tools like Ghostery and Privacy Badger to block unauthorized data transfers. This highlights the urgent need for comprehensive data privacy regulations in the healthcare sector. Read more


DOJ Alleges Apple's Monopolistic Tactics Threaten User Privacy

The US Justice Department accuses Apple of leveraging its market dominance to compromise user privacy, citing tactics such as unencrypted messaging and default search engine settings. Apple defends its practices, emphasizing privacy and security, amid growing scrutiny over the intersection of antitrust and data privacy. Regulatory focus on privacy as a component of product quality signals a shift in antitrust analysis, highlighting the pivotal role of privacy protection in tech competition. Read more


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