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Celebrating Women in Privacy - Debbie Reynolds

To celebrate Women’s Day, Meru Data is proud to showcase a few renowned privacy professionals in this space and share their journey. 

Celebrating Women in Privacy - Debbie Reynolds
Celebrating Women in Privacy - Debbie Reynolds

What do you love most about your profession? What excites you about your job? 

“I love that my Data Privacy and Emerging Technology work, I can do things that help protect people and also help organizations have a better bottom line as a result of increased customer trust.” 

How has your career evolved in the last two to three years?  

“In some way AI has helped to evolve my Data Privacy career in that my technology background is in digital transformation and data systems. As more companies more into more complex data systems I have been able to assist them not only with the Data Privacy regulatory requirements but also with how they develop or implement tools that have an operational impact on their business and stakeholders.” 

Why do you think privacy is essential for an organization? How have your skills helped you be successful in your role? 

“Every day with more regulations and more expectations from data stakeholders, organizations are beginning to understand that the tactical approach of reacting to each new regulatory change is not working. Companies need a comprehensive Data Privacy Strategy where they not only know what data they have but are able to understand data throughout the whole data lifecycle. Data Privacy is not a legal issue that has data ramifications, Data Privacy is a data issues that have level ramifications. Proactive management of Data Privacy issues will greatly reduce the cost and data risks in organizations.”  

From your experience, what skills are essential in what you do?  

“To be a success in a Data Privacy career, individuals must be able to communicate to all levels of organizations and bring people together. Also being able to find champions for Data Privacy within organizations is a key to success in building trust.” 

Do you have any closing thoughts or words of wisdom for our readers? 

“My advice to anyone is to remember you are not your job. Develop skills and relationships that will grow with you no matter where you work or no matter where your career journey takes you.” 


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