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Celebrating Women in Privacy - Veronica Canton

To celebrate Women’s Day, Meru Data is proud to showcase a few renowned privacy professionals in this space and share their journey. 

Celebrating Women in Privacy - Veronica Canton
Celebrating Women in Privacy - Veronica Canton

What do you love most about your profession? What excites you about your job? 

“My work is fast-paced because the privacy regulations are rapidly changing. For me, that translated to no boring days at work as I manage different questions or challenges; it keeps me engaged.” 

How has your career evolved in the last two to three years?

“Focus on my industry knowledge and finding my strengths. Based on my distinct roles and experiences, I have found my strengths lie in providing better customer service to one client by getting to know the specific industry and company. Working in-house has allowed me to focus on and grow my strengths.” 

Why do you think privacy is essential for an organization? How have your skills helped you be successful in your role?

“Privacy is essential for a three-prong approach: consumer data protection, company data and reputation protection, and compliance. I see privacy as a win in all aspects. My skills have helped me in my role by bringing the business and the legal teams into deeper and more interconnected relationships.” 

From your experience, what skills are essential in what you do?

“Be customer service centric. Be curious. Be clear in verbal and written communications. Do not make assumptions – ask the question.” 

If you have to go back to the beginning of your career, what advice would you give to your younger self?

“Be bolder, faster. Be strategic of where my time is spent. Be focused on my pursuit of a career in privacy and tech. Start the publication of The Canton Privacy, Tech, & AI Report sooner.” 

Do you have any closing thoughts or words of wisdom for our readers?

“You will always feel like you cannot keep up with new developments in law and tech. It is ok. Focus on the laws and industry regulations that impact you, your role, and your company while blocking all the noise.” 


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