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Top News - Microsoft dismisses AI privacy lawsuit, criticizes 'AI as a threat to civilization' rhetoric; Big Data Analytics to reach $47.2 billion by 2031

TikTok allegedly still sharing data with China; Uber receives €10 million fine and more

Big Data Analytics to reach $47.2 billion by 2031

The global Big Data Analytics in Semiconductor & Electronics market is projected to reach $47.2 billion by 2031, driven by increased adoption of analytics software and cloud computing advancements. Despite pandemic-related setbacks, factors like faster decision-making and business insights propel market growth, with North America leading in 2021. The electronics segment dominates, while supply chain analytics is expected to witness the fastest growth. COVID-19 disruptions are anticipated to recede, paving the way for market recovery and expansion. Read more

OpenAI's Sa: The devil is in the 'details of the data'

In a Wall Street Journal interview, Open AI CTO Mira Murati was questioned about the data sources for training Sora, Open Ai's new text-to-video model. Murati's vague answers on whether YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram videos were used raised concerns about transparency and copyright issues amidst ongoing legal challenges. The broader discussion highlights the industry-wide issue of training AI models with publicly available data, raising questions about legality, public awareness, and the ethical implications of using such data without clear consent, affecting trust in AI development and deployment. Read more

A view from Brussels: EU AI Act adoption is 'not the arrival point for AI legislation'

The European Parliament's recent adoption of the EU AI Act marks a significant step in regulating artificial intelligence within the EU, emphasizing a safe and human-centric approach. This legislative move, however, is just the beginning, with corrections to the Act expected in April and further developments anticipated from the next European Commission, including tackling AI in the workplace and enhancing investment. Concurrently, France aims to bolster its AI stance through recommendations from its AI Commission, focusing on training, financing, and global governance. Additionally, the EU has made strides in digital and product safety, adopting the revised Product Liability Directive and the Cyber Resilience Act, aiming to address cybersecurity across connected devices and enhance the framework for cybersecurity certification. Read more

Databricks invests in Mistral and brings its AI models to data intelligence platform

Databricks has announced a significant partnership and investment in the Paris-based AI startup Mistral, integrating Mistral's advanced large language models into its data intelligence platform. This collaboration will enable Databricks users to leverage Mistral's text-generation models, Mistral 7B, and Mistral 8x7B, directly within their generative AI applications, enhancing capabilities without compromising on security or governance. The partnership is part of Mistral's broader industry engagement strategy, which includes investments and integrations with major companies like Snowflake, Microsoft, and IBM, positioning Mistral as a competitive force in the AI landscape dominated by giants like OpenAI and Google. Read more

Microsoft says AI data privacy lawsuit 'devotes 198 pages to doomsday hyperbole about AI as a threat to civilization'

Microsoft pushes back against the AI privacy lawsuit, labeling it "doomsday hyperbole" while addressing concerns over AI scaremongering and copyright infringement. The lawsuits involve accusations from the New York Times and a class action lawsuit over privacy and property rights violations, with Microsoft and OpenAI responding with motions to dismiss. These legal battles highlight the complex intersection of AI, privacy, and copyright law, shaping the future of technology and society. Read more


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