Records and Information Management (RIM) Month - Celebrating Magdalena Gis

April is celebrated as the Records and Information Management (RIM) month to spread awareness and exchange different thoughts and opinions within the IG and IM community. In honor of this year’s RIM month, Meru Data would like to showcase a few renowned IG professionals, especially women in IG, and share their professional journey.

This week, we would like to highlight Magdalena Gis, the Senior Data Governance Analyst at Midcontinent Independent System Operator. Magdalena comes with years of experience in data and analytics. Her expertise is to identify actionable information from raw data, facilitate data-driven decision-making to gain vital, actionable insights from data.

What drew you into the information/data governance profession? What do you love about what you do?

My experience of working in analytics and in consulting gave me an insight into the power of leverage which can be created with data and, at the same time, it made me realize that the reverse is just as true; inability to take advantage of data can become a source of weakness that severely debilitates a business.

This work has been truly rewarding in terms of the variety of initiatives I’ve collaborated on and the success they have generated. I recall a situation when a sizeable advertising contract was up for renewal with a company where the leadership had changed. The new marketing director had been revising decisions made by his predecessor; the first meeting with him did not go as planned, and the contract was in jeopardy. We used data to illustrate the benefits of the strategic partnership between our businesses and walked him through the prospects of future cooperation. I firmly believe that data saved this six-figure contract and helped the marketing director reevaluate his stance when he was offered an unbiased, data-backed perspective.

The work itself can be extremely gratifying. My team worked on a new pricing algorithm, which would address indicators of customer churn as well as changing B2B and B2C demand. It was my responsibility to then translate complex equations into scripts to automate the mundane process of lengthy calculation. Well-executed data and analytics projects tend to open doors to other opportunities, and, in this case, we gained new, deep understandings through this analysis, which started conversations about creating new revenue streams.