Simplification for Success - Different Perspectives

Priya Keshav

Meru Data

It was very interesting to see David Cowen's post - one can easily jump into a problem-solving mode when looking at a complex issue. In a recent discussion around data classification needs for one of our clients, our draft solution seemed to have numerous steps. When we had originally started, it had seemed to be a straightforward problem and as we brainstormed, it had started looking a lot more complicated and requiring more research. We recognized this - we deliberately paused at that point and decided to come back the next day to take a fresh look. After some time to re-think, we were able to identify and eliminate the unnecessary complexity we had introduced in our initial think-through. The eventual solution we ended up with was a much simpler and more elegant solution.

Simplification requires discipline and clarity of thought. However, in today's rapid-paced work environment, this is not easy as we don't slow down to fully think about things. We have invited a few colleagues in the data and information governance space to share their strategies and approach for simplification. This area can be made as complex as we want and we often end up doing so. We hope the perspectives shared here can help us embrace simplification fully.