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Simplify for Success - Conversation with Colleen M. Yushchak

What better way to prepare for privacy in 2023 than gaining intel from privacy professionals themselves

MeruData founder and CEO and privacy expert Priya Keshav sat down with Colleen M. Yushchak, Senior managing director at Ankura, in the Privacy and Cybersecurity practise, who spent the last 20 years in the legal and technology consulting space focusing on privacy compliance consulting to talk about tackling privacy in the new year.

On the podcast, they talked about

  • The biggest challenges that we can expect in 2023, given the new and upcoming regulations

  • How to prepare for the Colorado and Connecticut regulations after preparing from California and Virginia; the differences and similarities between all of them

  • Insights and observations on the privacy practices of businesses today and what methods can be considered instead

  • What needs to be done for privacy in 2023; what companies need to focus on

Thank you to Fesliyan Studios for the background music.

*Views and opinions expressed by guests do not necessarily reflect the view of Meru Data.*


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