Simplify for Success - Conversation with Samantha Ettari

Samantha Ettari was on #SimplifyForSuccess, a podcast series presented by Meru Data and hosted by Priya Keshav.

Samantha spoke about biometrics and the various biometric laws in the US. She also discussed cases regarding the use of biometrics and the regulatory aspects that organizations should pay attention to.

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*Views and opinions expressed by guests do not necessarily reflect the view of Meru Data.*


Priya Keshav:

Hello everyone, welcome to our podcast around simplifying for success. Simplification requires discipline and clarity of thought. This is not often easy in today's rapid-paced work environment. We've invited a few colleagues in data and information governance space to share their strategies and approaches for simplification.

Today, we will be speaking to Samantha Ettari from Perkins Coie. We'll talk about biometrics and the various biometric laws in the US. But before we get started, few disclaimers: The information covered does not and is not intended to constitute legal advice. All views expressed are those of the individuals in their individual capacity and not of the firm they represent.

Hi Samantha. Welcome to the show.

Samantha Ettari:

Hi Priya, thank you for having me, I really appreciate being here.

Priya Keshav:

Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Samantha Ettari:

I am an attorney at Perkins Coie in their Dallas office. They're a national firm, but I'm based here in Dallas. I am a long-time litigator. That was my initial practice area since I graduated from law school eons ago in 2005, and I spent many years litigating in various subject matters and areas of the law.

Priya Keshav:

So how did you get into privacy?