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Top News – €5m fine imposed on TikTok, Employee data potentially exposed in data attack and more

Shopify to fill advertising gap left by Apple’s privacy alterations The lucrative void left by Apple which made it hard for iPhone users to be tracked, that was done in an effort to increase privacy is now to be filled by Canadian ecommerce company, specifically, the Audiences marketing tool. The tool will allow for data to be pooled together before being uploaded to Google and Meta’s advertising platforms. Afterwhich marketers can target their advertisements towards ‘lookalike’ customers based on their similar purchases from other retailers. Read more

€5 million fine on Tik Tok over cookie consent French DPA, CNIL imposed a massive fine of €5 million on Tik Tok for two reasons. The first being that while a button was present to allow the immediate acceptance of cookies, there was no equivalent to refuse the deposit of cookies as easily. The refusal process proved more tedious. Further information on purpose of the different cookies was not provided. Read more

€122,000 fine imposed by Finland’s DPA An unnamed company was fined by the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman, Finnish DPA for allegedly processing health data like body mass index and maximum oxygen uptake capacity without consent from individuals. Read more

Employee data potentially exposed in ransomware attack Media company the Guardian reports personal data of staff potentially exposed in ransomware attack that occurred in late 2022 and that the attack was most likely triggered by a phishing email. The exposed data belonging to its U.K employees, while those of the U.S and Australia were not included. Read More

Teenager’s privacy to be respected, Meta Meta’s Facebook and Instagram to roll out new changes that restrict advertisers access to teenagers’ data. This will mean that their gender and the posts they engage with will remain restricted, only their age and location will be available for advertisers to access. Further, teenagers will be given control to ‘see less’ of certain types by advertisements by making the changes in their settings. Read more


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