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Top News: AI tool to prosecute crimes ‘with 97% accuracy’, Google and Meta fined in Russia, and more

China’s AI tool can prosecute crimes ‘with 97% accuracy’

Chinese scientists have developed an AI tool that is claimed to assess cases and press charges “with 97% accuracy.” The tool has been tested by the Shanghai Pudong People’s Procuratorate and was found to be capable of handling the most common criminal cases, including theft, fraud, gambling, and reckless driving. Read More

Google CEO can be questioned in privacy lawsuit

Google CEO Sundar Pichai can be questioned in a privacy lawsuit, based on a ruling passed by a California federal judge. The lawsuit alleges that Google invaded the users’ privacy by tracking their internet use while in Chrome’s incognito browsing mode. A recent filing claims that Pichai was warned about problems in Google's incognito mode in 2019. Read More

Japan Defense Ministry finds security threat in Hack

Japan’s Defense Ministry has found that some files compromised as part of the cyberattack on Mitsubishi Electric Corp. in January 2020 could pose a security threat to the country. Though the company admitted that client data might have been obtained but denied that classified defense or infrastructure material had been acquired. Read More

Google and Meta fined in Russia over content moderation

A Moscow court fined Google and Meta about $100 million and $27 million, respectively. The companies were penalized for allegedly not moderating their content properly and interfering in the country's affairs. Read More

T-Mobile confirms latest data breach linked to SIM swap attacks

T-Mobile has confirmed that recent reports of new data were due to SIM swap attacks affecting a "very small number of customers." We informed a very small number of customers that the SIM card assigned to a mobile number on their account might have been illegally reassigned or limited account information was viewed,” a T-Mobile spokesperson was quoted as saying. Read More


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