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Top News – Amazon fined by CNIL, EDPB’s case digest on Security of Processing, and more

Top News – New Jersey's privacy bill signed into law, Yahoo fined for cookie consent violations, and more

French data protection authority imposes 32m euros fine on Amazon

CNIL, France’s data protection authority, imposed a 32M euro fine on Amazon France Logistique for over-surveilling its warehouse employees. The company also allegedly kept the data on the employees’ actions for longer than required. A statement from Amazon read that the findings by CNIL weren’t factually correct, and the company’s practices are a part of industry standards. Read more

EDPB’s one-stop-shop case digest on Security of Processing

EDPB published a thematic OSS case digest on the Security of Processing. The case digest provides insights into how data protection authorities interpreted and applied GDPR provisions in different scenarios like hacking, ransomware, accidental data disclosure, etc. This second installment of EDPB’s case digests is useful for organizations when assessing their security measures before and after a data breach. Read more

No provision to test Privacy Sandbox APIs in Google’s DSP

Google’s Display & Video 360 hasn’t offered easy ways for its clients to test Privacy Sandbox APIs. There was no user interface to test the proposals directly, and there wasn’t a proper response from the company’s representatives about when such UI would be available. DV360 is operated as a separate business by separate teams from Privacy Sandbox and Google Chrome. Read more 

Database containing 26 billion leaked data records discovered

Security researchers have discovered a database containing 26 billion leaked data records, which happens to be the biggest finding to date. According to researchers from CyberNews and Security Discovery, the leaked database is 12 terabytes in size and can be called the ‘Mother of All Breaches.’ The team thinks that the database might be compiled by a data broker or malicious actor. Data from users of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Dropbox were found in the database. Read more 

White House to soon release executive order on foreign access to US citizens’ data

U.S. President Joe Biden would release an executive order related to foreign advertisers’ attempts to access its citizens’ sensitive information and the personal data of people associated with the government. Reportedly, the order will direct the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Attorney General to develop restrictions on data transfers that can possibly threaten national security. Read more 


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