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Top News: CPPA board pushes CPRA rulemaking process forward, Danish DPA expands on ‘Data Controller’

CPRA rulemaking reaches ‘an incredible milestone’ – says CPPA

Executive Director Ashkan Soltani was authorized by the California Privacy Protection Agency board in a unanimous vote on June 8thto begin the California Privacy Rights Act rulemaking process. The initial July 1st statutory deadline to adopt regulations will most likely be missed, as the agency previously stated, however, whether the deadline and the subsequent enforcement will be extended has not been touched upon. Read more

Danish DPA focuses on the data breach notifications

The Danish DPA is currently initiating investigations to ascertain whether the data breach notification letters issued by data controllers in case of such an event meet the requirements laid down under Article 34(2) of the GDPR. This includes clear, understandable language, the necessary information about the breach, the consequences of the same and so forth. Read more

White House to increase data collection in a ‘privacy preserving’ manner

In light of new technologies, procedures and regulations, the Biden Administration is developing strategies on collecting, analysing and sharing more data of US citizens in a way that does not compromise their privacy. Additional attention will be given to “accelerate the development and adoptions of PETs” Read more

Thousands of Apps blocked by Apple for Privacy violation

More than 3,43,000 iOS apps were blocked by the App store App Review Team for privacy violations just in the last year. Further, Apple removed 1,55,000 more apps as they had implemented ‘bait and switch’ techniques. Apple states that protecting customers involves monitoring and vigilance on multiple fronts. Read more

Danish DPA releases text on its’ assessment of ‘Data controller’

In response to multiple questions regarding the roles and responsibilities of the data controller in cross-border transfers of personal data on the basis of the EU Commissions Standard contract, the Danish DPA released guidance on the concepts. It held that the obligation is on both, the Data Controller and the Data Processor to ensure an effective transfer basis is provided pertaining to all circumstances of the transfer. Read more


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