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Top News – Criteo fined by CNIL, TikTok confirms data storage in China and more

Tennessee enacts state privacy law, FTC penalizes Ed Tech company, Biden administration prioritizes children's online privacy, and healthcare data breach reported.

CNIL fines Criteo for violation of data processing consent

France's Data Protection Authority, CNIL, fined the online advertising company, Criteo, for EU GDPR violations. Criteo, which specialized in online advertising, was slammed with a 40 million Euros fine for not verifying individual consent for data processing. The CNIL found five infringements of the GDPR by the company, including the right of access, information, transparency, and data erasure principles. Read more

G7 Authorities recognize key privacy concerns of generative A.I.

The data protection and privacy authorities of the G7 countries, in a meeting, recognized the rising concerns of generative A.I. to data protection, privacy, and other fundamental human rights. A draft statement from the authorities called for security safeguards to avoid using generative A.I. models to extract personal data, also calling out the A.I. developers to ensure that such information used by generative A.I. models is kept free from unlawful and unjustifiable effects. Read more

TikTok confirms user data storage in China

In response to the Senate leaders' letter to the Company's CEO, TikTok acknowledged to the Government that sensitive information related to American creators signing up to the app to earn money is stored in China. The social media platform stated in their response that there is a difference between the data of the U.S. users collected by the platform and information given by creators to be paid for their posts on TikTok. The letter also read that the company is focused on protecting the collected user data and not the creator's data. Read more

NOYB's complaint against Meta to the Ireland High Court

NOYB, a privacy rights group, filed a complaint to Ireland's High Court, wanting the authorities to direct Ireland's Data Protection Commission to fully investigate the organization's complaints against Meta's user data handling. NOYB claimed that the country's data protection watchdog did not fully follow the enforcement of the GDPR violations by the social media giant Meta. Read more


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