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Top News: New crypto-mining malware discovered, Hackers steal LinkedIn user data, and more

New crypto-mining malware discovered

IT security group Check Point Research discovered a new crypto-mining malware, known as Nitrokod, that is masquerading as Google Translate and several other services. The scam delivers crypto-mining malware, which may have infected thousands of devices around the world. Read More

LinkedIn used by hackers to steal user data

LinkedIn is being used by hackers to spread data-stealing malware through connection requests that appear to be from people working for reputable firms. The scammers use the platform’s chat and job posting tools to transmit infected links and files that install stealer malware on the user’s device to collect sensitive data. Read More

Australia demands tech giants to share anti-abuse steps

The Australian e-Safety Commissioner sent legal letters to Meta, Apple and Microsoft to disclose their strategies for detecting and removing child abuse material within 28 days. The regulatory body was set up to protect internet users and is using laws that took effect in January to compel these tech giants to reveal the measures taken by them. Read More

Google extends third-party billing for developers

Google Play has announced the extension of its third-party billing pilot program to Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, and the European Economic Area. The move comes amidst scrutiny over Google’s app stores payment structure by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) along with regulatory heat worldwide. Read More

Meta proposes settlement for Cambridge Analytica suit

Facebook’s parent, Meta, has reached a proposed settlement in the Cambridge Analytica lawsuit. The filing requested a 60-day stay of the action for the lawyers to finalize a written settlement. Read More


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