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Top News: FTC’s action against Drizly, Medibank cyber-attack affects 3.9m users, and more

European Commission publishes guidelines for AI use in education

The European Commission published its “Ethical Guidelines on the Use of Artificial Intelligence” for educational institutions to “address how AI is used in schools, to support teachers and students in their teaching and learning, and to support administrative tasks in educational settings”. The guidelines are part of the Digital Education Action Plan for 2021-2027. Read More

US court upholds decision in wiretapping case

A US federal appellate court judge has upheld a previous ruling against NaviStone with allegations that the company’s tracking tools violated Pennsylvania’s wiretapping law. The ruling allows the plaintiff to proceed with the lawsuit against NaviStone and Harriet Carter Gifts over technology that allegedly enables online retailers to arrange to send postal mail to “anonymous” web users after their visit to a website. Read More

FTC takes action against Drizly over data breach

Online alcohol marketplace Drizly and its CEO will face action from the FTC over allegations of lax security controls that led to a data breach exposing the personal information of about 2.5 million consumers. While the company and its CEO were notified about the security problems two years before the breach, they failed to take adequate steps to protect the user data. Read More

Medibank cyber-attack affects 3.9m users

Australian health insurer Medibank was hit by a major cyber-attack about two weeks ago that affected 3.9 million customers. The hackers claimed to have extracted about 200GB of files and provided 1,000 records as proof. The company has not responded to questions about whether it has or will pay a ransom to the attackers. Read More

ICO releases draft employment practices guidance

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has released its second employment guidance consultation aimed at providing practical guidance about handling the health information of workers in accordance with data protection legislation and to promote good practice. The consultations are part of a process to replace existing employment code as per the UK GDPR. Read More


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