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Top News – Google fined for not properly storing user data, Bipartisan AI bill introduced, and more

Class action lawsuit against UnitedHealth over illegal algorithm usage

UnitedHealth Group faces a class action lawsuit with allegations that an illegal algorithm was being used to deny rehabilitation care to patients that are seriously ill. The lawsuit also alleged that the company was still using the algorithm despite being aware of its error rate. Filed in the U.S. District Court of Minnesota, the lawsuit accuses that the company and its subsidiary NaviHealth denied claims of UnitedHealth’s Medicare Advantage beneficiaries by using an algorithm to predict the patient’s length of stay. Read more

Bipartisan AI bill introduced to boost innovation and strengthen accountability

A group of U.S. senators proposed the Artificial Intelligence Research, Innovation, and Accountability Act. The bipartisan AI legislation would establish a framework to boost AI innovation and ensure greater transparency, security, and accountability. The legislation would also create enforceable evaluation and testing standards for high-risk AI systems and require companies to produce transparency reports when using high-risk systems. Read more

FTC’s action against Global Tel Link for inadequate cybersecurity measures

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission filed a complaint against Global Tel Link and two of its subsidiaries for not adequately securing data and failing to notify its customers after their personal data was breached. In the complaint, FTC claims prison communications provider Global Tel Link has no security firewall and experienced a security breach that leaked the personal information of its customers on the dark web. Read more

Google fined by a Russian court for failing to properly store Russian users’ data

A Moscow court fined Google on Tuesday for failing to store Russian users’ data on servers inside the country. The U.S. tech giant was fined about $ 164, 200 (15 million rubles) after its repeated refusals to store the country citizens’ personal data on its Russian servers. Google was fined for the same charges by the courts in August 2021 and June 2022. Read more

EU’s deadline to Meta and Snap to detail children’s protection information

Meta and Snap are given a December 1 deadline by the European Commission to provide more information on how they protect children from harmful and illegal content. The action from the EU came after the Digital Services Act was passed. A similar deadline was given to Alphabet’s TikTok and YouTube. The Commission also sent urgent orders to companies like X, Meta, etc., to detail their measures to counter hate speech and violent content amongst others. Read more


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