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Top News – Google to block cookies in January; Okta faces data breach and more

Google to deprecate cookies in January; Okta faces data breach and more

Google’s efforts to block third-party cookies planned for January 2024

1% of third-party cookie blocking from Google’s browser Chrome will start from January 2024, which is part of Google’s series of processes to transition to Privacy Sandbox. A detailed look at the processes the company plans to take to complete the transition to Privacy Sandbox has been published by Johann Hofmann. Workarounds have been implemented by Google to help ease the transition for site owners, users, and browsers. The Privacy Sandbox Initiative intends to strengthen individual privacy by reducing cross-site tracking. Read more

Retention data framework published by CNIL

France’s Data Protection Authority, CNIL, published a reference framework for stakeholders operating in the social and medico-social sectors to help identify and determine the retention periods for their processing activities. A practical sheet has also been provided with recommendations that enable the day-to-day management of retention periods. These resources are intended for both private and public bodies. Read more

Health Authority fined by Italian DPA

Italy’s Data Protection Authority, Garante, imposed a fine on the Territorial Social and Health Authority of Lodi for violating the GDPR. Following a complaint, investigations conducted by Garante found that the health dossier of the complainant was used for purposes other than those of treatment. Further, it was found that the dossier was used by subjects who were not involved in the treatment of the complainant. It was found that Article 5(1)(a) and 5(1)(c) of the GDPR were violated. Read more

NOYB targets Meta’s new ad-free subscription plan

Meta’s new plan to offer users a monthly subscription for ad-free versions of Facebook and Instagram has been targeted by privacy rights group NOYB, who have filed a complaint in Austria. Users who don’t pay will have to give up their privacy rights to access social media platforms. Complaints have been made by individuals who have expressed that they could not afford to spend that much money to protect their privacy. Read more

Data of all Okta’s customer support users stolen in data breach

Okta reported that hackers managed to steal data on all its customer support systems two months ago. Okta notified customers that the hackers obtained the data by downloading a report that contained the names and email addresses of all their clients that utilized the customer support system. Okta stated that files uploaded by clients were viewed by some hackers because of the breach. Read more


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