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Top News – ICO's Code of Practice, U.S. finalizing the EU-US Framework, and more

Tennessee enacts state privacy law, FTC penalizes Ed Tech company, Biden administration prioritizes children's online privacy, and healthcare data breach reported.

EU-US Data Privacy Framework requirements finalized by the U.S.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Office of the National Intelligence of the U.S. announced the completion of the EU-US data privacy framework commitments under the executive orders from the President. As per the statement from Gina Raimondo, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, the U.S, the 'qualified states' as designated by the DOJ would take effect upon the European Union finalizing its adequacy decision. Read more

Threads from Meta won't launch in the E.U.

The Irish Data Protection Commission Spokesperson stated that Meta's latest initiative, Threads, will not have its launch in the E.U. or Ireland now. The new Twitter rival is designed to import data from the users' Instagram, including advertising information. Meta has not prepared the platform for a launch in the E.U. due to a lack of clarity in the E.U.'s Digital Markets Act. Read more

ICO's code of practice for data privacy in journalism was submitted to the Secretary of the State

The Information Commissioner's Office of the U.K released a 'code of practice' for media outlets and journalists related to data protection. The code does not relate to the general media standards and is aligned with the data protection laws, striking the right balance. Providing clear guidance to the journalists, the code needs the statutory process complete before coming into force. Read more

Hong Kong and China sign to promote cross-border data flows

The Innovation, Technology, and Industry Bureau of Hong Kong and China's Cyberspace Administration signed in Beijing an MOU to improve cross-border data flows. Under this memorandum of understanding, the Bureau and the CAC will explore effective ways to foster cross-border data flow within the Bay area. The MOU facilitates orderly flow of data to Hong Kong from the Mainland, helping Hong Kong build itself into a global data hub. Read more

Argentina's Personal Data Protection Bill draft sent to Congress

The Agency of Access to Public Information, Argentina's data protection authority, has submitted the Draft Law on Personal Data Protection to the nation's Honorable Chamber of Deputies. The proposed draft comes as an update to Argentina's Personal Data Protection Act 25,326. The Draft Law included different provisions like enhanced children's privacy rights and obligations for data controllers. Read more


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