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Top News – Italy lifts ChatGPT ban; Meta prohibited from monetizing children’s; data and more

ChatGPT back in Italy

Following a letter sent by OpenAI to Garante outlining its privacy measures, which were increased transparency, and mechanisms for users to exercise their rights, Garante removed the ban previously placed on ChatGPT in Italy. Open has AI expanded its privacy policy, announced its set of privacy controls, and takes into consideration the age of users. Read more

FTC doubles down on Meta

FTC to make modifications to its 2020 privacy order issued against Meta Platforms as they found that Meta failed to comply with multiple requirements of the order. FTC proposed changes to its 2020 order that will cover – the prohibition of monetizing data of children and minors, limiting future use of facial recognition technology, prohibiting the further launch of products and services, strengthening existing requirements pertaining to access controls, third-party monitoring, and more. Read more

500,000 devices worldwide infected by Facebook ads Malverposting

By using Facebook’s ad network, the Malverposting campaign posts click-bait links to download adult content for free. This campaign has infected over 500,000 devices worldwide over the span of 3 months. The sophisticated campaigns even create fake pages and hijack verified accounts with a large following to post such ads. Read more

Waive HIPAA to be an Amazon clinic patient

Amazon’s new and affordable healthcare service, Amazon Clinic, requires patients to sign up to allow Amazon to use their health information. Amazon will maintain a comprehensive patient file that could be disclosed, and after which it will no longer be protected by HIPAA, an investigation by the Washington Post found. Read more

Apple and Google partner in fighting unwanted tracking

The proposed industry specification was submitted by Apple and Google to fight unwanted Bluetooth location tracking. The specification proposes to send alerts whenever unauthorized tracking is detected when using Bluetooth location tracking devices. Guidelines for manufacturers are also included in the proposition to be used when building such features. Read more


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