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Top News: LastPass data breach, New Australian privacy bill, and more

LastPass confirms data breach

Password manager LastPass is investigating a security incident which allowed unauthorized parties to access customers' personal data that was stored in a third-party cloud storage provider. The company did not specify what customer information was taken, but stated that it was working to “understand the scope of the incident and identify what specific information has been accessed.” Read More

Aus Parliament passes privacy bill

The Parliament of Australia approved final passage of the Privacy Legislation Amendment Bill 2022. The bill increases penalties for repeated or severe privacy breaches by companies failing to take care of customer data adequately. Read More

Italian DPA fines Douglas Italia

The Italian data protection authority imposed a fine of €1.4 million against Douglas Italia Spa perfumery chain for violating the data protection legislation. The company was found to be maintaining the data of more than 3 million customers without requesting consent for processing the same. Read More

Google sued over antitrust adtech practices

Google is facing a £13.6bn class-action lawsuit by a group of digital publishers in the UK for abusing its dominant position in the online advertising market. The suit has been filed with the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) and alleges that Google earned super-profits for itself at the expense of publishers of websites and mobile apps in the UK. Read More

Meta fined by Irish DPC

The Irish Data Protection Commission has issued a fine of €265 million against Meta over alleged EU General Data Protection Regulation violations. The commission’s investigation found the company violated Articles 25(1) and 25(2) of the GDPR. Read More


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