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Top News: Louis Vuitton faces BIPA suit, Hungarian DPA issues highest fine, and more

Louis Vuitton faces BIPA suit

Louis Vuitton faces a class-action lawsuit for alleged violation of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). The suit claims that the company collects “detailed and sensitive biometric identifiers and information, including complete facial scans” of consumers for a virtual try-on tool on its website. Read More

Dutch DPA issues highest fine

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) imposed its highest ever fine of €3.7 million on the Tax and Customs Administration for a total of six violations of the GDPR. The violations include illegal processing of personal data in the Fraud Signalling Facility (FSV) and maintenance of information for too long. Read More

Hacker forum shut down in global operation

Online hacker forum, RaidForums, was taken down as part of a global operation involving law enforcement both from the US and Europe. The forum hosted sensitive financial information and "served as a major online marketplace for hackers". Read More

Hungarian DPA fines bank

The Hungarian Data Protection Authority issued a fine of €670,000, its highest ever, against a bank for using audio recordings of customer service calls without proper notice or consent from the users. The bank used an AI-based software to analyze call recordings to determine which caller should be called back as a priority. Read More

Mortgage servicer reveals data breach

Lakeview Loan Servicing has confirmed the company experienced a massive data breach last year that compromised the personal information of more than 2 million customers. The company stated that an unauthorized person gained access to the firm’s servers and obtained information, including names, addresses, loan information and Social Security numbers. Read More


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