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Top News – Meta, Apple and Google fined by various DPA’s, 235 million Twitter accounts exposed

Meta Ireland fined by Irish DPA The Data Protection Commission have concluded two inquiries into Meta Ireland’s data processing activities related to its Facebook and Instagram services. The final fines have amounted to €210 million for violating the GDPR (pertaining to Facebook) and €180 million for breaches (pertaining to Instagram). A 3-month period has been given to Meta Ireland to bring their processing activities into compliance. Read More

Apple fined €8 million by French DPA Following investigations conducted by the French DPA, CNIL, it was found that under the version 14.6 of the operating system of iPhone, identifiers, including those used for advertising purposes, were automatically read on the user’s terminal, this occurred without obtaining consent. Additionally, the disabling of this process was tedious and involved numerous steps. Read More

235m Twitter records leaked Records and email addresses of 235 million twitter accounts were hacked and posted on a popular underground marketplace and hacking forum. The information was most likely obtained in late 2021 due to a flaw in Twitter’s system, reported the Washington Post. Read More

Google to pay $9.5 million in fine settlement with DC Attorney General The Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia reached a $9.5 million settlement with Google over the use of dark patterns to gain access to user’s geolocation data and further for making it extremely difficult to disable their data from being tracked. Read More

Telecommunication operator fined by Polish DPA Polish DPA imposed a PLN 250,000 fine on telecommunications operator for failing to notify the authority of a personal data breach, violating the Telecommunications Law. Severe penalties not appropriate: Broadband India Forum The Broadband India Forum (BIF) has stated that the severe penalties proposed under India’s draft Digital Personal Data Protection Act is inappropriate. BIF represents big technology companies and comments have come from representatives of Google, Amazon, and Meta. Read More


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