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Top news: Morgan Stanley settles data breach suit, France’s CNIL fines Google, and more

Morgan Stanley to pay $60m as settlement

Morgan Stanley has agreed to pay an amount of $60 million for settlement as part of a data breach lawsuit. The company was alleged to have exposed sensitive information of clients after failing to wipe data from legacy equipment prior to its sale to third parties. Read More

Google fined €150m by CNIL

France’s CNIL issued a fine of €150m and €60m on Google and Meta, respectively, for making it difficult for users to refuse the use of cookies. The €150m penalty set a new record by the CNIL, beating a previous cookie-related fine of 100 million euros against the company in December 2020. Read More

NY AG notifies 17 companies of breaches

The New York Attorney General has informed 17 companies of cyberattacks that compromised the user information of more than 1 million customers. The affected businesses include leading online retailers, restaurant chains, and food delivery services. Read More

Ciox Health notified clients of email breach

Ciox Health, a healthcare technology vendor, has stated that the sensitive patient health information belonging to several of its health care provider clients may have been exposed due to a 2021 email security breach. The company has issued a notice including a list of about 32 healthcare providers affected by the incident. Read More

Georgia adopts bill create Personal Data Protection Service

The Parliament of Georgia adopted a bill on the State Inspector Service (SIS) that divides the SIS into two agencies — the Special Investigation Service and Personal Data Protection Service. The first agency will investigate the official misconduct, and the second agency will ensure the control of legality of the data processing and activities in the Central Data Bank. Read More


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