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Top News - New 'Cuckoo' Malware Targets macOS Users, Posing Data Theft Risks; Ascension Hospitals Nationwide Hit by Suspected Cyberattack and More

TikTok allegedly still sharing data with China; Uber receives €10 million fine and more

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore Signs Landmark Online Data Protection Bills

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore signed two significant measures into law, including the Maryland Kids Code, aimed at safeguarding children's online data. The law seeks to restrict data collection from minors and shield them from harmful content. Despite Big Tech's opposition, supporters assert the law incorporates legal precedent for resilience. NetChoice, representing major tech firms, criticizes the law, labeling it unconstitutional. Additionally, Moore signed the Maryland Online Data Privacy Act, enhancing personal data protection and consumer rights online. Read more


New 'Cuckoo' Malware Targets macOS Users, Posing Data Theft Risks

A new malware dubbed 'Cuckoo' is on the prowl, specifically targeting macOS devices to steal sensitive files. It meticulously searches for data associated with various applications, including iCloud Keychains and communication apps. Distributed through deceptive music-ripping tools, it presents a serious threat to users' digital security. While the malware's origins remain unclear, users are advised to bolster their cybersecurity with measures like antivirus software, cautious software downloads, regular updates, and strong password practices. Read more


JAMS Issues Rules on AI Disputes in Legal Proceedings

JAMS introduces new guidelines addressing AI's impact on legal disputes, emphasizing disclosures and protocols for handling AI-related cases, mirroring growing concerns in the legal community over the use and implications of artificial intelligence. The rules outline procedures for document exchange, expert testimony, and access to AI systems, reflecting a broader industry trend toward adapting alternative dispute resolution processes to accommodate emerging technological challenges. Read more


Ascension Hospitals Nationwide Hit by Suspected Cyberattack

Ascension, a major nonprofit healthcare system in the US, experienced disruptions in clinical operations due to a suspected cyberattack. Unusual activity on select technology network systems prompted the incident, leading to phone and computer access outages at some facilities. Patient care delivery continues, albeit with minimal impact, as Ascension investigates the event with the assistance of third-party experts. The incident's full impact and duration are under assessment, and authorities have been notified. While details about the attack remain undisclosed, ransomware is a potential concern, given the healthcare sector's vulnerability to such threats. As investigations proceed, Ascension pledges to notify and support affected individuals in compliance with regulatory guidelines. Read more


Dropbox Sign Confirms Massive Data Breach

Dropbox Sign, a signature startup, confirms a significant data breach where hackers accessed a non-human account in the product's back end, compromising sensitive customer information. The breached database contained customer emails, usernames, phone numbers, hashed passwords, and other details, including individuals who signed documents without registering. While customer account contents and payment information remain untouched, Dropbox Sign took immediate action, including password resets and API key rotation. The company is collaborating with authorities and providing support to affected users to enhance data security measures and prevent future incidents amidst potential repercussions on its value in competitive sectors. Read more


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