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Top News – NIS2 Directive chart released, TikTok to be banned from app store and play store and more

Chick-fil-A faces privacy lawsuit for collecting data without consent The website hosting the annual Chick-fil-A Christmas video titled ‘The Stories of Evergreen Hills’ allegedly collected data of users who watched the video on the site. The data collected by the pixels placed on the page is shared with Meta, Facebook. While the website does notify users of its data collection and sharing, actual consent from users was not obtained. Read more.

TikTok to be removed from Apple and Google app stores US Senator, Michael Bennet, D-Colo., a democrat on the Intelligence Committee, wrote to Apple Inc and Alphabet’s Google to remove TikTok from their stores. The social media app poses as a national security risk because of the extensive data it holds and collects from US citizens. Read more

Data of traffic accidents victims stolen UK’s data protection authority fined the employee of a former automotive services company, RAC for stealing the data belonging to over 100 victims of road accidents. The act was found in violation of Section 170 of the Data Protection Act 2018. Read more

NIS2 Directive chart released by IAPP An informational chart on the NIS2 Directive has been published by the International Association of privacy professionals. This aim of the chart is to give privacy professionals an overview the new EU legislation. It will cover each legislation’s objective, scope, requirements, enforcement, penalties and upcoming dates. Read more

Home Depot found sharing consumer data without consent Recent investigation by Canadian privacy watchdog OPC found that details from e-receipts such as email addresses and purchase information of Home Depot customers was shared with Meta without the knowledge of or having obtained consent from customers. Home Depot stated that it relied on implied consent and that their privacy statement was readily available. Read more


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