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Top News: Ohio introduces Privacy Act, WhatsApp faces EU complaints, and more

Ohio introduces new privacy act

State representatives introduced the Ohio Personal Privacy Act that would establish data rights for Ohioans while requiring businesses to adhere to specified data standards. The law would apply to businesses with $25m or more gross revenue in the Buckeye State or businesses that control or process large amounts of data. Read more about it here.

Mastercard barred by the Reserve Bank of India

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has barred Mastercard from onboarding new domestic customers over data storage issues. The restrictions were imposed for being non-compliant with RBI’s directions on storage of payment system data. American Express and Diners Club faced similar prohibitions in April this year. Read the full story here.

Google fined €500m in France

Google was hit with a €500 million fine by the French Competition Authority (FCA) for not negotiating ‘in good faith’ licensing deals with news outlets. The fine was imposed for failing to comply with an April 2020 order that required Google to compensate publishers fairly. Read the full story here.

WhatsApp faces complaints from EU consumer groups

WhatsApp is facing complaints by the European Consumer Organization (BEUC) and eight of its members over its new privacy policy that allows it to share some data with Facebook and other group firms. The groups filed complaints with the European Commission and the European network of consumer authorities accusing WhatsApp of pressuring its users to accept the new policies. Read more about it here.

Amazon gets permission to monitor sleep using radar

Amazon has received permission from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to make a device that can remotely monitor people's sleep habits. The device would be stationary, and Amazon "plans to use the radar's capability of capturing motion in a three-dimensional space to enable contactless sleep tracing functionalities." Learn more about it here.

Iran’s transport ministry and railways hit by ‘cyber-attack’

Iran’s transport ministry and railways went out of service after a widespread disruption in computer systems due to a probable cyber-attack. As reported, hundreds of trains were delayed or canceled, and electronic tracking of trains across Iran reportedly failed.


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