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Top News – OpenAI faces FTC’s investigations, Bard’s launch in Europe, and more

Tennessee enacts state privacy law, FTC penalizes Ed Tech company, Biden administration prioritizes children's online privacy, and healthcare data breach reported.

European Commission releases EU-US Data Privacy Framework FAQs

The European Commission published FAQs related to the EU-US Data Privacy Framework following its adequacy decision. The FAQ covers crucial details of the framework, including details about the decision and its impact, what the framework is, criteria for assessing adequacy, safeguards and limitations for the US intelligence agencies to data access, new redress mechanism of the framework, and more. Read more

FTC investigates OpenAI‘s data security practices

FTC has opened an extensive investigation on the AI chatbot ChatGPT and its maker OpenAI probing whether the chatbot is putting personal data and regulations at risk. The agency sent a demand for records showing how the company addresses the risks from its AI-based models. The Federal Trade Commission had also asked for records related to an incident that exposed the chat history and payment information of some users. Read more

Bard, the generative AI platform from Google, launched in Europe

Google launched its generative AI-based platform, Bard, in Europe following its forced delay in June over compliance with the EU’s GDPR. A statement from Google’s Product Director read that the company officials had discussions with data protection authorities, resulting in transparency and providing the users with a choice over the company’s use of their data. Irish Data Protection Commission said that a report would be produced by the company three months after Bard’s operations. Read more

Massachusetts debate over the sale of mobile location data

The state lawmakers of Massachusetts are weighing a total ban on the purchase and sale of mobile location data drawn from the citizens. The Massachusetts Location Shield Act is said to implement a requirement for search warrants for police to access the consumers’ location information and restrict them from purchasing the same from data brokers. Read more

AEPD’s guidance on EDPB directives

AEPD, the data protection authority in Spain, released an updated guidance on cookie usage to adapt to the EDPB guidelines on misleading patterns. The updated version includes the criterion of the European Committee and some modifications related to guidance on cookie walls, personalization cookies, and more. The guidance focuses on addressing the deceptive patterns used by advertising companies too. Read more


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