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Top News – Oregon's data privacy act passed, OpenAI sued for copyright violations, and more

Tennessee enacts state privacy law, FTC penalizes Ed Tech company, Biden administration prioritizes children's online privacy, and healthcare data breach reported.

Oregon to Finalize a comprehensive privacy act

Oregon's comprehensive Consumer Data Privacy Act (OCDP) to protect consumers' personal data received its final approval from the State Legislature. The Act applies to entities that process or control 100,000 consumers or generate 50 percent of revenue from selling more than 25 thousand consumers' data. The Act defines personal and biometric information uniquely, requires DPAs, and provides a 30-day cure period. Pending actions from the State Governor, the Act is said to be effective from July 1st, 2024. Read more

NOYB's complaint over cell phone data misuse

NOYB complained to the ADP, Belgium's data protection authority, against U.S-based companies for privacy violations concerning the misuse of cellphone data. Registering the complaint against TeleSign, a fraud-prevention firm, and BISC, a telecommunications provider, the privacy rights group alleged in its complaint that the companies collected and shared Europeans' cellphone activity data between them. Read more

Publishers Clearing House Settles FTC's dark patterns lawsuit

The sweepstakes facilitator company agreed to pay an 18.5 million USD settlement related to a lawsuit by the FTC. Lawyers of the Federal Trade Commission, in the lawsuit, alleged that the company used dark patterns and coerced its customers into making a purchase to improve their winning chances. The company was also accused of misleading its customers about the usage of their data and charging hidden fees during purchases. Read more

OpenAI sued for data scrapping allegations

Clarkson, a law firm based in California, is filing a class-action lawsuit against the AI-based company, OpenAI, for massively violating the privacy of numerous people. The firm alleged that OpenAI also violated copyrights when it used scraped internet data like blog posts, social media comments, family recipes, etc., of countless users to train its algorithms. The firm is already said to have a group of plaintiffs for the suit and is looking for more. Read more

European Commission's Proposal to Modernize Payment Services Directive

The European Commission proposed the modernizing of the Payment Services Directive, creating a legislative proposal for a financial data access framework. The proposal was to allow consumers to share their financial information more securely and to get a better range of cheaper financial services and products. Read more


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